Summer is somewhat difficult period in UAE as we must face the high temperature of hot weather for some months. During this season, we may experience many home maintenance issues that will be hard to rectify which may be from small repairs, deep cleaning to painting the exteriors of your home. Home ownership requires time and labor as there is plenty of home maintenance all throughout the year. Check this summer maintenance list to keep your home in good condition and avoid future problems.

Home Cleaning :

Home cleaning in Dubai is the vital thing that we need to follow frequently to escape from unnecessary health issues due to unhygienic surroundings. You can also hire home cleaning services companies in Dubai who provide routine home maintenance & pest control services. Other important aspects that you must keep in mind are.

  • Summer is a time for cleaning your interiors. Deep clean your household fabrics from curtains to carpets.
  • Wash your windows from the exteriors to give a clean and fresh look. Wash your window screens with hot soapy water and wipe them clean.
  • Clean the gutters of your home. Remove any debris as it will provide a perfect environment for weeds to grow.
  • Clean your walkways and driveways around your home with a pressure washer to wash away the dirt and the dust.
  • Check your doors and windows to ensure there is no moisture build-up and ensure they close smoothly. Every door hinge should be well lubricated.
  • Clean your garbage disposal by flushing hot water and dish soap to prevent odors.
  • Clean your ceiling fan and its blades of dust and dirt. Use a step ladder to reach the fan and run a moist cloth over the blades and surrounding areas for a clean look.
  • Keep your home well sealed. Repair any damages of weather stripping around your doors and windows and caulking around your electrical and mechanical areas of your home.
  • Check for leaks in faucets, taps, sinks.

Electrical Maintenance

 Air Conditioner

Summer time is the busiest for AC as many households run their AC throughout the day. You should inspect your AC with best AC maintenance companies in Dubai to see if there are any problems. Filters get dirty over the season and will not filter the air properly. Replace your air filters in your AC every month. You can clean the filter of dust by washing it with warm water or using a vacuum cleaner. AC fan also needs to be cleaned. You should consider getting your air conditioning unit cleaned by a professional AC Maintenance companies once or twice a year.

Hot water heater

To keep your hot water heater in good shape and long lasting, you need to drain your water heater. With time, sediments build up inside the heater and make it less efficient. Drain your water heater of the sediment. If you have a tankless water heater, this will not be a problem. You can avail the services of electrical maintenance companies in Dubai to inspect your water heater to avoid problems.


You need to clean the condenser coils on the back and underneath of your fridge this summer. This will help cut on energy bills and ensures extended lifespan of your appliance.

Washing machine

Inspect the hoses of your washing machine for signs of leaks, wear and tear. It is important to check regularly for signs of leaking. Replace the hoses once in 3-5 years.

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