During winter season most frequently used appliance in houses is room heater. Those are used to heat a small space. Room heaters are available in portable and wall fitting pattern and mostly use gas or electricity.

Room heaters are convenient appliances and are used in a room for people who are sick, elderly or with limited mobility. Room heaters provide focused heat and they can be expensive.

Room heaters that are used for heating a space quickly can be more expensive than a central heating system. Room heaters should only be used as a secondary source of heat. Ideally, you should choose the right heater for the space you want to heat and that should be easy to control the temperature and the time you have the heater on. Heaters that have control systems are often cheaper to use.

When you are deciding on what kind of room heater should be used that is cheap and convenient to use then you must consider first, what purpose you want it for?

  1. Heating a room for long hours:
    For this purpose convector heater is the best source for heating purpose. These heaters mostly work by warming the air immediately and then evenly pass the warm air around the room. Convector heaters are said to be a good option for secondary source of heat. These kinds of heaters take little longer to work, but can be easily controlled with a timer and thermostat. This provides you a great relief in terms of money and time and also you also don’t overheat the room. You can get convector heater both in electric and gas fills.
  2. Heating a room for a short period of time:
    For a quick blast of warmth radiant heaters are the best choice of heating. These work effectively if you want to warm up only part of a room for a short duration. Radiant don’t provide you an even level of heat throughout the room like convector heaters. Unlike convector heaters, radiant’s rarely have thermostats or timers which makes them more expensive then convector heaters. There are different forms of radiant available in market like Halogens, electric bars, and open gas and bottled gas fires. So technically speaking, radiant have different way of heating than convector heaters, but heat transfer through electromagnetic waves is in the same way. For example; Convector heater and radiant works like the sun warms the earth and a log fire warms a room respectively.

There are two forms of Scottish Power contact number, room heaters available that runs on electric and gas both.

Electric heaters are considered as the 100% efficient because they convert all the electric energy they use into heat. Out of which some are expensive as they provide you with more heat. If you are looking for some cheaper options then you can go for halogen heaters or any oil-filled radiators.

Gas heaters include traditional gas fires, convector heaters, open gas fires, and bottled-gas heaters. They all can be run on mains gas or LPG. Radiant heaters like Bottled gas heaters, convector heaters and other paraffin stoves don’t need chimneys.

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