With millions of people moving from one place to another in the United States, it is difficult to ensure every move to go according to the plan. There will be a time that the plan will not go smoothly, and will face minor issues whatsoever. It is imperative to hire the best and quality long distance moving company to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. But even with careful planning, you will still encounter shady and scam practices in this industry. It is in every client’s interest to know every detail or information about every step in the moving process. You can see this site to know more about long distance moving.

Moving inventory

A reputable moving company will take a full inventory of all your valuable things and gives an honest assessment of how much your stuff weighs and how much it will cost you to ship your belongings. The estimator should be very thorough in his evaluations and check every storage in your house, including the cupboard, garages, drawers and bookcases. You can check moving company websites like MyLongDistanceMovers.com to know more about item inventory and evaluation.

The price of the company’s services heavily relies on how much your items weigh and how much space it will take up in their trucks. Make sure that you understand everything that the estimator tells you and you need to make sure that the estimates are as accurate as possible.

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Get a full walk-through

A moving company estimator who will perform a quick walk-through without asking what are their client’s plan when moving will going to have a difficult time estimating their client’s items correctly. A good estimator will ask their clients every necessary question about their plans on their move from their previous house to their new place.

Be prepared to answer all their questions truthfully. Tell them which items you want to bring, which things you want to donate to charity, which are going to your garage sale, and which stuff you will leave behind for the new owners of the house.

Don’t pay a large amount of money for the deposit

Respectable moving companies will not demand a large amount of money for a deposit before they can finish the job. In any industry, the deposit is needed as an “insurance” for companies. But you should not pay a large deposit, a quarter of the agreed price should be sufficient enough. You should only pay when the delivery is made.

If you pay in advance, make sure that you use a credit card so you can still recover the money when the job goes south. Always be in control when it comes to money. Some people will do anything to earn money, including scamming innocent people.

Avoid shady companies with switched names

Shady companies will do anything to avoid being assessed by BBB or the Better Business Bureau including conducting business under different names. Make sure to check the business’ local address and know if they have the necessary permits, insurance or license to operate. The company should answer phone calls using their business’ full name.

You should check if the company has any other moving business using other names. You also need to check whether they are allowed to operate in the state or have a federal license. Use the internet and search the company’s work history, whether they have previous complaints or not. If you want a thorough company history, you can call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s consumer complaints hotline.

Get a reference from friends, family, neighbors or co-workers

If you are worried about moving company scams, the best way to find the best long-distance moving company is to ask people you know, like friends, family, co-workers or neighbors if they know a good moving company. You can also get a list of respectable movers from the American Moving and Storage Association or the State Association of Movers. You can also ask moving companies if they know other movers that suits your needs and budget. You need at least three or four moving companies in your area for comparison.

Avoid the packing cost

If you are packing your valuable items yourself, any damage will not be the fault of the moving companies. But if they are doing the packing, they can ask for a more significant price for the boxes and the packing materials like tapes and ropes, not to mention the labor cost and the time they spend packing your stuff.

If you want to have movers do the packing, ask them about their packing experience. Most moving companies are cautious when packing, but you want to avoid any unnecessary accidents or reckless handling of your boxes.

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Look out for any extra or hidden charges

If you are living in a two-story apartment or planning on moving into one, or you want to move from your 10th-floor apartment into a beautiful duplex house, look out for any extra or hidden charges. Some moving companies tend to ask additional costs, and the reason is that of stairs and elevators.

If you are moving into a place with a narrow street, expect movers to ask for an extra surcharge for the transfer of your items to a smaller truck. You need to make sure that you ask them about additional charges that might apply to your situation.

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Valuation protection and moving company insurance

All moving companies, whether short or long distance are required by the law to assume liability for the items they transport. But there are two levels of accountability. You need to know the charges each liability entails and the amount of protection you can get from it.

Full Value Protection (Replacement)

It is a complete insurance plan available for the protection of your items. Unless you choose Alternative Level of Liability that will be discussed below, your valuable items will be shipped or moved under the company’s Full Value Protection liability.

Any item or article that is lost, damaged or destroyed during the transport, the company is required to repair or restore it to the same condition when they received the said item, or pay the cost of repair. They can also replace the damaged, lost or destroyed item with the same kind and quality, or pay the exact amount so the owner can buy a new one.

Under this liability, the companies are permitted to limit their liability for the damage or loss of the item with extraordinary value, unless you specify in the manifest. Examples of exceptional items are jewelry, china, silverware, antiques, furs, electronics, or rugs.

Alternative Level of Liability

It is a no-cost option and the most economical protection available. But this liability has only minimal protection. Under this option, the company will cover the liability of an item not more than $0.60 per pound, per item. The loss and damage claims will be settled based on the weight of the items multiplied by sixty cents.

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