When it comes to cleaning, all of us have some bad habits that we need to give up. In fact, most of us are concerned about how to get rid of these habits. So let’s dive in and discover what those habits are and how you can finally say ‘goodbye’ to bad cleaning habits:

Don’t Pile Anymore

Every home-sweet-home has a “Chair” that has never been used for what it’s made for. Instead, we know how to utilize it that other way so that it can take “Good Care” of our clothes. And honestly, it doesn’t most of the time. It’s the only place where our clothing ends up when we are too lazy to put it away. As the day passes, this pile of mixed-clothes ends up getting terrible and sorting it out feels no less than a nightmare.

Here’s the solution! Never do that again. While undoing the dress, put your clothing into one of these 2 places:

  • Hanger
  • Drawer

So you see how a terrible problem can be sorted out with a simple solution. Go for it.

You won’t get to it later

When you say, I’ll get to later. It means are neither willing to nor you definitely will get to it later. If you need to do something with regards to cleaning, it’s good to do it now. Otherwise, the “LATER” is never going to come.

The other way to get back to a specific task is to schedule it and stick to it that you will be doing it later. Frankly, it’s the best way to ensure that the important things happen on priority. Just like you schedule your meeting with a client or maybe an appointment with the doctor. Just commit to it, and you’ll get it done for sure.

In short, just treat cleaning with the same amount of respect and importance like you do to other important stuff in your life, it won’t be a burden anymore. In fact, you’ll be doing it willingly.

Don’t Stuff All-in-One

Admit it! Most of us stuff everything in our drawer. This won’t be fair either for you or the drawer. Instead, treat your drawers with respect rather than taking everything on the surface and dumping it into a drawer.

I know it feels convenient and, best of all, it solves one problem of the surface now being cleaned. It’s not recommended to stuff up your drawer because if you can’t see to the bottom and have no idea of exactly what’s in each one of them, you are not using it properly.

Here’s one significant rule to keep in mind for the drawer. Each drawer serves a specific purpose. Whether you need to put-in T-Shirts, Socks or Undergarments, just have a separate drawer of each of these. It’ll make your life much easier.

When you have a nice clean, organized drawer, you won’t have to stuff something in there just because it’s convenient. Trust me, this works. In fact, some of the most popular cleaning companies in UAE train their staff to keep up with these practices and get things done quickly.


Do you want to discover 3 bad cleaning habits that one must give up quickly? Just check out the article now.

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