How to save money on car tyre replacement?


April 06, 2019 04:57 PM

Regular exposure to sunlight and heat and driving on long routes will end up damaging the tires fitted in your vehicle. Though the rate of decay can be slowdown with proper care and maintenance; it can’t be avoided forever. After a certain period of time when tire loses its tread, it has to be replaced. Before you buy a new set, it’s necessary to consider few basic things to protect you from over spending.


Regardless of the kind of automobile you drive, suitable pair of tires is essential for the safe and smooth. No matter how sophisticated braking system is fitted in a vehicle, it will fail to perform if tires lost a safe amount of tread. A pair with a damaged tread must be replaced before it causes an accident. Auto owners often do not have any idea about the right time for car tyre replacement. Unless they don’t see a clearly visible worn out piece or they experience a breakdown, they will not think about replacing them. In fact, replacement of existing pair of tire is an important task that has to be done with responsibility.


Here I am sharing few useful, simple tips, which will help vehicle owners to purchase the most suitable pair without overspending and breaking budget.


Ensure if it’s time for replacement


To know if your vehicle really needs new piece, check out the current pair to confirm the requirement. Don’t worry you do not need to book an appointment at mechanic to get them checked. You can confidently do it on your own with the help of penny test. All you need is to take a penny and place its edge on the tyre groove. Insert it upside in the groove. If  a larger part of penny goes inside, this tread will be safe to use. In contrast to that if grooves fail to hide the penny, it will indicate excessive decay.


You may use this method to check out all four pieces at various points and if you feel the tread has lost its depth, it is time to get a new set. Also observe it closely to see if it shows excessive wear. Don’t forget to check the pressure.


Replace all four together only if required


The front pair require replacement sooner than rear ones especially if a user do not rotate them regularly. Check out the condition of the rear pieces before buying new sets as you can replace those that are actually damaged. Avoid spending money on the purchase of two pairs if it’s not required. Replacing all four pieces together is expensive. Observe carefully to make a sensible decision.



Avoid buying the most expensive

Lay men do not know about brands. Instead of checking product features they focus on the expensive pricing and purchase the most expensive piece from big brands. Though expensive tires are made from high quality rubber, a range of lesser known tire manufacturers are also producing quality tires. You can get a good recommendation by your mechanic or service center in this regard and save money when replacing them.


Keep them aligned


Whether you install a fresh pair or you have simply rotated front pair from rear pair, never ignore checking the alignment. It has to be aligned accurately. Improper alignment is the major cause of before time decay of rubber.


Endnote: After following these tips, you can save money on car tyre replacement and enjoy better & prolonged tire life along with safe drive for a long time.