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Choosing a Diaper Bag


January 11, 2019 10:08 PM

Choosing the right diaper bag to meet your needs can be much more difficult that you might guess. Most families go through several bags before they find the perfect fit. It may also be useful to have different bags for different types of outings; a slim shoulder bag for a quick trip to the mall vs. a large backpack for an all-day zoo outing. Keep the following features in mind while shopping:

Style and Size – From the traditional shoulder style to the trendy backpack and tote, from the gigantic weekender to the slim bag that holds just a couple of diapers and wipes, there’s one to fit your lifestyle! Make sure the storage space is divided into sections you will use – and think pockets for staying organized.

Design – Designer diaper bags have become very popular. We’ve come a long way since moms had to settle for cloth bags made from babyish fabrics (remember the little duckies?). There are designer bags in every style imaginable. Just keep in mind that if you want Dad to carry the bag too, you’d better go for something he’ll carry (even the most secure man might balk at carrying a foody floral bag)!

Durability – Diaper bags take a beating! Make sure you choose a bag that will stand up to the abuse you will surely dish out.

Comfort – Fully stocked diaper bags are quite heavy by themselves, and don’t forget you’ll also be carrying the baby! Make sure you choose a style that you are comfortable with. Pay attention to the way the straps fit and where they fall. If it cuts into your shoulder in the store, you will be miserable once you load it up!

Budget – With popular designers joining the diaper bag game, some diaper bags for twins have become quite the investment. We recommend that you decide the style, function and size of bag you will like best before you take the plunge and spend hundreds of dollars on a bag that – while very chic and elegant – you don’t find useful. Talk to lots of friends, maybe even take a friend’s bag out for a spin one day.

Enjoy a Hobo Diaper Bag

Look fashionable and chic, while carrying around all of your baby’s necessities, with the addition of a hobo diaper bag.  Just because you’ve got pacifiers and bottles in your purse doesn’t mean that you can’t look your best while carrying them about.  Oioi understands this idea, and they make beautiful diaper bags to help you to look your best, even as a tired mom!

The Oioi hobo diaper bag offers ample room for all of your needs, while presenting a stylish appearance to others.  These bags are large enough for diapers, clothes, pacifiers, wipes, and more.  They will also fit your wallet, cell phone and other necessities.  You won’t ever feel like you’re carrying around a diaper bag, however, with the Oioi messenger diaper bag.  It’s simply that stylish!

Say hello to motherhood – the stylish way – with hobo diaper bags.  You’re a mom now, but you’re also a stylish woman who wants to look her best.  Why not combine those things beautifully?  The Oioi messenger diaper bag with a hobo style allows you to do so beautifully.